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Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America


Why is Accreditation Important


ACHENA Call for Commissioners 2014  [223kb]
ACHENA Annual Report – 2013 & 2014
ACHENA Annual Report – 2012 [395kb]


ACHENA is comprised of individuals with particular experience and skills that are essential to the agency’s operations.  These include homeopathy, education, finance, management, fundraising, and outreach and communications. 

The following are commissioners:

Alastair Gray, PhD, Cand. - President
Alastair Gray teaches at and heads up the academic, course development and e-learning departments at the Academy of Homeopathy Education NYC | World. He holds various consulting roles: academic (Endeavour College, Australia), educational (Portland Centre of Integrative Medicine, UK), management (Director Operations College of Health and Homeopathy NZ), as well as consulting to organizations on homeopathic provings and e-learning world-wide. Prior, in Australia he headed up the homeopathy department at Endeavour, later the bioscience department, and was the National Academic e-learning Manager. Other Operational roles included the Campus Manager at the Sydney and Gold Coast campuses. He has lectured under and post-graduate CAM, homeopathy and naturopathy for 20 years, including philosophy, case taking and management, ethics, business practices and scope of practice. A regular seminar and conference presenter worldwide he is the author of 22 books and numerous articles on primary research in natural medicine. Originally an Historian, he teaches the history of healing and medicine at schools, colleges and universities in four countries. He is passionate about eLearning and educational technology in his academic and teaching work. Currently he is enrolled in a PhD at the University of Technology Sydney exploring the intersection of Education, CM and learning technologies. Clinical practice (25 years) remains a significant focus of his work with a practice that specializes in Anxiety, Drug and Alcohol compulsion and working with men.

Carli Auer, CCH - Administrative Staff
Carli is a graduate of the American Medical College of Homeopathy and holds a Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development from Arizona State University. Carli discovered her love for homeopathic education during her time at AMCH at PIHMA where she served in various roles including Program Director and Faculty member. She has a heart for collaboration and a passion to promote homeopathic medicine through high quality education and a unified community. Carli currently works with the academic team at the Academy of Homeopathy Education NYC | World.

Anna Vakil PhD, CCH - Vice President
Anna lives in Yuma, Arizona, where she has a full-time private practice in homeopathy, but also does health policy consulting work and teaches an online graduate course in evaluation research for Northern Arizona University. Anna has an interdisciplinary PhD in planning and public policy from the University of Michigan and brings extensive public university teaching and research experience in both the USA and Canada to her service as an ACHENA vice president.

Bharti Gupta - Treasurer

Cynthia Chrisman, MPH, CCH - Commissioner
Cynthia is deeply committed to the promotion of educational standards and professionalism in homeopathy in North America. She has had the privilege of serving as a clinical supervisor to many homeopathic students preparing for their certification exam. She has proudly served on the Board of Directors of the Council for Homeopathic Certification. In her spare time, she has published several articles on the advancement of professional standards of homeopathic practice in The American Homeopath, The Crowning Jewel of Homeopathy (2013), Putting The House In Order (2014), The Whole House (2015), Educational Alliance Building (2016) and, forthcoming, Educational Alliance Building: Healing the Profession (2017). She holds a Master of Public Health (MPH, UCLA, 1986) with a focus in holistic public health education and disease prevention. She has been in private practice in Massachusetts since 1996.

Mathai Vairamon Mathew, M.S., LL.M., Ph.D. - Commissioner
Also known as Mathew Vairamon. Mathai is an Attorney at Law and an Adjunct Professor at Prairie View A & M University in Prairie View, Texas. He is also a faculty advisor in this University and works as a lawyer, mediator, Christian counselor, family mediator and engages in the promotion of the Homeopathy among the Indian community in the U.S.A. Mathai has Diploma Certificates in Homeopathy from India, and a DIHOM from British Institute of Homeopathy in New Jersey, U.S.A. Currently he is pursuing homeopathy studies in Homeopathy in Practice (HIP) from British Institute of Homeopathy International and a Diploma in Homeopathy from International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece under the training of George Vithoulkas.

Parker Pracjek, MA - Commissioner

Parker lives in New York City, where she has worked as an educator in higher ed. and the non-profit sector since 2000. Parker is an herbalist, runs a small apothecary and studies classical homeopathy in New York. She is a committed student of nature, our teacher of restoring balance, holding healing potential on all sides. 

Barbara Seideneck, CHom, CCH - Commissioner
Barbara is a German native familiar with homeopathy from an early age. She is the founder of the Homeopathy School International and has been the director of the school since 1991. She practices classical homeopathy in Boulder and Loveland, Colorado, USA. Barbara is nationally certified and has been teaching case taking, case analysis and materia medica since 1994. Barbara provides individual case supervision for students and group supervision for graduates of the school. She has conducted provings of Amethyst, Aquilegia Vulgaris, Aquilegia Coerulea, Ayahuasca and Emerald. In her free time Barbara hikes the Rocky Mountains, making sure not to miss the bloom of the short wild flower season.

Mary Whitaker - Commissioner
Mary lives in Ellensburg, WA and is a student at Homeopathy School International.  She holds a B.S. in Nursing from Seattle University and an M.A. in Health Studies from University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.  She also obtained a Certificate of Midwifery from Margate General Hospital in UK.  As well as working as a nurse in the UK and USA, Mary practiced midwifery in Botswana in the 1970’s, providing pre-natal, delivery and post- natal care, mainly in rural clinics and a small village hospital.  Mary’s main occupation for the last many years has been, as a mother, raising a family. She has used homeopathy with family and friends for many years and is now gaining a deeper knowledge through studying for the Practitioner Certificate.

Rick Cotroneo, MA, CCH - Advisor
Rick is the past president of ACHENA and currently serves as an adviser for the commission. 
Rick is a Certified Classical Homeopath who holds a Master’s degree in counseling and has served as director of large-scale state-wide and national training initiatives for health and human services providers in the fields of HIV and viral hepatitis for more than 20 years.  He has extensive experience with developing training curricula, establishing quality assurance protocols for training activities and has experience administering large scale federally funded research studies.  Rick lives in upstate New York where he has a private practice in Classical Homeopathy.

Valerie Sadovsky, CCH, RSHom (NA) - Volunteer Website Administrator
Valerie has been studying and practicing classical homeopathy for more than 20 years.  She conducts her homeopathic practice through Athena Holistic Health in Seattle, WA.


ACHENA needs the support of the entire Homeopathic Community: students, schools, organizations and consumers as we seek United States Department of Education recognition. USDE recognition will enable students of accredited schools to access federally backed student loans and student visa's, as well as help raise the profile of homeopathy as a credible health care profession.

Please support homeopathy, support ACHENA!

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