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Public Comment Period Concluded

Title of Document Posted for Public Comment:
Standards for Homeopathic Education and
Competencies for the Homeopathic Practitioner in North America

Released for Public Comment:
April 2, 2013

End of Public Comment Period:
June 3, 2013

Length of Comment Period: 60 days


Purpose of Document: The Accreditation Standards for the Doctoral Degree in Homeopathy shall provide guidance to academic institutions regarding the preparation of homeopathic practitioners at the doctoral level.  The Doctor of Homeopathy shall be a clinically based, professional degree program.  The doctoral program shall provide advanced graduate studies in core, clinical, and specialty areas and will require advanced training in research and leadership.  The program must ensure that the sequencing, duration, nature, and content of all didactic, practical, and clinical training courses are appropriately integrated and consistent with the program's goals and objectives

Background:  The Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America, (ACHENA) formerly known as the Council for Homeopathic Education, has been accrediting schools of homeopathy since 1982.  In 2012, ACHENA issued for public comment its Accreditation Manual 2012: Structure, Scope, Eligibility Requirements and Standards which outlines standards for the Masterís level homeopathic practitioner diploma or certificate programAt that time, several commenters requested that ACHENA consider developing standards for the doctoral level.  In fact, ACHENA has had a committee in place to develop doctoral standards since 2011. The document currently offered for public comment reflects the work of the ACHENA doctoral committee which consisted of six homeopathic educators and practitioners including three MDs and one PhD level homeopathic practitioner.  The committee completed its first draft in early 2012 and ACHENA shared that with several highly respected practitioners for review and comment.  In October of 2012, the full ACHENA commission reviewed and discussed the doctoral standards and determined that the commission should consult with a legal expert in complementary and alternative medicine to explore issues related to legality of practice for persons holding the Doctor of Homeopathy degree.  The document was provided to a legal expert and the full commission further discussed and approved a motion to post the standards for a public comment period.  In addition, throughout 2012-13 ACHENA worked with the Homeopathic Action Alliance to facilitate a public comment process for the document titled: Standards for Education and Competencies for the Professional Homeopathic Practitioner in North America (S&C Document).  A total of nine individuals who submitted comments on the S&C Document urged ACHENA and the homeopathic community to develop standards for the doctoral level.  ACHENA is pleased to now present these doctoral standards to the homeopathic community and the general community, for public comment.

Process for Review of Public Comments:  ACHENA has established a committee of 3-5 individuals to deliberate on the comments submitted in response to these doctoral standards.  This committee will be charged with carefully reviewing and considering each comment, proposing revisions and preparing a summary of comments received and deliberations for consideration by the full ACHENA commission.  A final document will be posted by February 2, 2014, (that is no later than 45 days after the end of the public comment period).  It is anticipated that beginning in September, 2014 ACHENA will be prepared to consider applications from institutions or program seeking accreditation for offering the Doctoral Degree in Homeopathy.

Accreditation Standards for the Doctoral Degree in Homeopathy [1100kb]
Summary of Public Comments and Deliberations [490kb]

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