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Communication Sent on August 23, 2014
Dear Schools of Homeopathy,

ACHENA is pleased to have completed two open community forums on school accreditation with homeopathy schools. 

The first was held on July 17th and the second took place on August 20th.

The focus of these meetings has been on:

  • academic freedom and review of curriculum
  • the process for achieving accreditation with emphasis on the first step, the eligibility phase
  • costs associated with accreditation.

Both meetings were very productive and ACHENA has received positive feedback from participants.   

ACHENA is pleased to share the following information which will allow you to listen to the sessions.   This seems to be a good resource because we sent out a link after the first meeting and in the weeks after the session more than 10 people listened to the recording.   I also heard from folks who hoped to attend the second session but were unable to at the last minute.  Below is information about how to access the recordings.  You can listen to the entire call by dialing the following number and inputting the access code listed below.  Please note that the phone numbers are not toll free, so based on your phone plan, there may a charge.

Session 1: Academic Freedom, curriculum review and accreditation

    Playback Dial-In number    1-605-715-4923

    Playback Access code:       333077#

    Handouts: Community Forum #1 on Curriculum and Academic Freedom

Session 2: Accreditation process and costs

    Playback Dial-In:                1-605-715-4923

    Playback Access Code:      208463

    Handouts: Community Forum # 2 on Accreditation Process and Costs

If you listen to one or more of the sessions and have questions, please feel free to contact ACHENA.  We are very happy to discuss these issues with school representatives.


Rick Cotroneo, MA, CCH, President



Questions about the application or the completed application should be addressed to:

105 State Route 151

East Greenbush, NY 12061

Phone: 518-477-1416


ACHENA needs the support of the entire Homeopathic Community: students, schools, organizations and consumers as we seek United States Department of Education recognition. USDE recongition will enable students of accredited schools to access federally backed student loans and student visa's, as well as help raise the profile of homeopathy as a credible health care profession.

Please support homeopathy, support ACHENA!

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