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ACHENA relies on the expertise of volunteers for two critical elements in the accreditation process – the off-site peer review and the on-site visit. If you are interested in participating and believe you are qualified to serve in one of these capacities, please read the qualifications below.

Call for Peer Reviewers!
A Brief Video Introduction

General qualifications
Peer review team members and site visitors are responsible for providing the Commission with verification of the documentation, practices and assertions of the institution or program seeking accreditation, as it relates to Accreditation Standards. All team members must be trained by ACHENA in the standards and polices related to accreditation and agree to abide by the ethical principles maintained as part of the evaluation process.

Qualifications and expectations: peer reviewers

  • Current or recent involvement in training program or other experiences relevant to responsibilities of specific role of off-site review team.
  • Familiarity with ACHENA Accreditation Standards and understanding of criteria needed to comply with those standards.
  • Dependability – can be counted on to be responsible in meeting obligations.
  • Objectivity – can remain focused on the Standards, setting aside personal views to evaluate the institution’s/program’s operation according to established criteria.
  • Communication skills – can interact in professional manner to obtain appropriate information.
  • Skilled in accurate recall, note taking and report writing.
  • Capable of deductive reasoning and logical analysis.
  • Respects confidentiality inherent in accreditation process.
  • Maintains a flexible, cooperative attitude.
  • Is physically able to fulfill responsibilities.
  • No individual may serve on off-site team unless she/he has attended an Accreditation and Peer Reviewer Orientation or Workshop or served on a site review team within two years.

Responsible for completion of site visitor’s report and assigning ratings to report sections.

Become a volunteer
For a step-by-step guide to becoming a peer reviewer or on-site evaluator; download the Peer Reviewer Qualifications and Application Form.

Accreditation and Peer Reviewer Workshops
ACHENA sponsors workshops that address all aspects of its accreditation process, particularly policies, procedures and Standards. Peer reviewer instruction is also an integral part of the training.

For details about upcoming workshops or for more information email

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