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Notice of Public Comment Period

Title of Document Posted for Public Comment:
ACHENA Eligibility and Initial Curriculum Review Standards

            The document is available at:

Date of Release for Comment:
September 18, 2014

End of Public Comment Period:
October 18, 2014

Length of Comment Period: 30 days


Directions for Submitting  Comments:

The document under consideration can be viewed or downloaded at ACHENA welcomes comments from all segments of the homeopathic community and public, including currently accredited schools, unaccredited schools, educators, professional associations, practitioners and others.

When submitting comments, please note the specific line number corresponding to the section of the document upon which you are submitting your comment. This will help ensure that the intent of your comment is most clearly conveyed to ACHENA.

Written comment must sent no later than 11:59 pm PT October 18th to:
Comments submitted after October 18th, 2014 will not be considered.

Purpose of Document: The ACHENA Eligibility Standards comprise a portion of the ACHENA 2012 Accreditation Manual.  ACHENA’s accreditation process involves schools undertaking activities in two distinct phases.  The first phase of accreditation, referred to as the Eligibility phase, involves submitting an initial application for accreditation and establishing eligibility for accreditation through providing documentation that it meets established eligibility standards.  This first phase of accreditation concludes when the institution or program achieves candidacy status.  The second phase begins when the program or institution is awarded candidacy status and concludes when the program receives final determination regarding its accreditation status.   The purpose of ACHENA eligibility and initial curriculum review standards is to ensure that an institution or program is prepared for pursuing accreditation - that its curriculum is generally consistent with the course of study outlined in Standard 8 of ACHENA’s Accreditation Manual and that the institution or program is prepared to undertake the self study and peer review process required for achieving accreditation. 

Background:  The Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America, (ACHENA) formerly known as the Council for Homeopathic Education, has been accrediting schools of homeopathy since 1982.  In 2012, ACHENA completed a public comment process and issued its Accreditation Manual 2012: Structure, Scope, Eligibility Requirements and Standards.  This document outlines standards for the professional homeopathic practitioner diploma or certificate program.  In 2014, ACHENA, in conjunction with the Council for Homeopathic Certification, issued for discussion a Strategic Vision that outlined a plan for growth of the profession.  The plan outlined steps for ACHENA to conduct meetings with schools of homeopathy and review its accreditation policies and procedures.  In the summer of 2014, ACHENA conducted a series of two meetings with schools that included an opportunity to discuss ACHENA’s eligibility process.  ACHENA is now sharing these updated eligibility standards for public comment to ensure opportunities for input from schools of homeopathy, students, practitioners and others interested in promoting homeopathic education.  Hence, this public comment opportunity will focus solely on review of Eligibility Standards which include an initial review of the applicant’s curriculum.

Process for Review of Public Comments:  ACHENA has established a committee of 3 individuals to deliberate on the comments submitted in response to these eligibility standards.  This committee will be charged with carefully reviewing and considering each comment, proposing revisions and preparing a summary of comments received and deliberations for consideration by the full ACHENA commission.  A final revised document will be posted by November 18th, 2014.

ACHENA Eligibility & Curriculum Review Standards - Draft for Public Comment

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