Do you have an interest in developing your skills to help homeopathic schools or programs achieve accreditation? ACHENA provides training to all volunteers to help strengthen the homeopathic profession and grow into the future. Join us today!



Become an ACHENA Commissioner

ACHENA Commissioners support and promote educational standards of excellence in higher education and training. They serve approximately ten hours per month to move projects forward and attend online monthly board meetings. ACHENA working committees also meet online to implement ACHENA’s programmatic duties around accreditation and continuing professional development. Knowledge or expertise in homeopathic education and training is an asset, but is not required to serve. If interested, view the Commissioner Duties.

Become an ACHENA Peer Reviewer

ACHENA Peer Reviewers assist accredited schools and programs by monitoring their accreditation renewal process. They also assist candidate schools or programs by verifying the practice and documentation of their educational standards and objectives. Peer Reviewers are ACHENA trained to conduct site visits to schools or programs seeking accreditation. A Peer Reviewer must possess excellent communication skills to collaborate with their colleagues. If interested, view the Peer Reviewer Duties.



Other Volunteer Opportunities

Additional volunteer opportunities include Advisors and Committee Volunteers. Volunteer positions may include seats on the Advisory Board, Standards Committee, CPD Committee, and Finance Committee. Volunteer terms-of-service are flexible, but we encourage volunteers to commit to one year, if possible. It is ACHENA’s policy to seek diverse, balanced and unbiased membership.



Current ACHENA Volunteers

Rick Cotroneo, Advisor, Peer Reviewer

Deb Fox, Financial Consultant, Peer Reviewer

Bharti Gupta, Financial Consultant

Tosin Abari, Technology Consultant

Venkatesh Venkataramanujam, Technology Consultant



Volunteer Application

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