CALL for Volunteers! Do you have an interest in developing your skills to help homeopathy schools and programs achieve accreditation? ACHENA provides volunteer training to promote educational excellence and leadership. Help ACHENA lead homeopathy education into the future!

Interested instructors, supervisors, school administrators, students and supporters of homeopathy: You may serve either on the board as a Commissioner, or as a Peer Reviewer, Advisor or committee member only. After orientation and training, working teams individually devote approximately 10-15 hours per month to various accreditation activities, depending on your assigned duties. If nominated as a board Commissioner, you attend quarterly board meetings, along with monthly team meetings. Knowledge or expertise in the following areas of higher education is an asset, but not required:

· Educational administration, curriculum development and pedagogy
· Admissions, student assessment, recruitment, guidance and career planning
· School accreditation and self-study process
· Finance, strategic planning and organizational management
· Promotion activities about best practices in homeopathic education

All ACHENA Volunteers maintain knowledge of and support ACHENA educational standards, policies and procedures, including working toward recognition by the US Department of Education as an accrediting agency. They commit to the highest standard of integrity, impartiality and cooperation and must possess excellent communication and writing skills.

Ready to join ACHENA? Complete the ACHENA Volunteer Application and Disclosures and submit with your CV to [email protected].

Become a Commissioner

A diverse board of Commissioners serve to promote ACHENA’s educational standards of excellence in homeopathic education and clinical training. ACHENA working committees also meet online to direct and implement ACHENA’s programmatic policies and duties around accreditation and continuing professional development. To maintain diverse and equitable representation, ACHENA aims to include up to 50% of its board to come from homeopathy schools. Knowledge or expertise in homeopathic education and training is an asset but is not required to serve the board. If interested, view the Commissioner Duties.

Become a Peer Reviewer

Peer Reviewers verify that the mission, assertions, practices and documentation of a school seeking or renewing their accreditation reflects the needs of the students they serve. A Peer Review Team conducts on-site school visits. Where travel is not necessary, they also evaluate On-Site Peer Review Reports to ensure that a school is meeting ACHENA’s accreditation standards and polices. A successful accreditation process depends on well-qualified Peer Reviewer professionals, who must be individually screened and trained by ACHENA. ACHENA must meet the rigorous impartiality and confidentiality standards in the field of accreditation. Peer Reviewers must possess excellent communication skills to execute their duties as a team. If interested, view the Peer Reviewer Duties.

Committee Volunteers

Volunteer positions may include seats on the Standards, CPD, Nominations, and Finance Committees. Volunteer terms-of-service are flexible, but we encourage volunteers to commit to one year, if possible.

Current ACHENA Volunteers

Anna Vakil, Advisor

Tosin Abari, Technology Advisor

Michael Shanz, Advisor

Priya Varughese

Volunteer Application

Ready to join ACHENA? Complete the ACHENA Volunteer Application and Disclosures and submit with your CV to [email protected]