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The Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA) was founded in 1982 as an independent agency to assess homeopathic training programs in the United States and Canada.  ACHENA is comprised of professional homeopathic practitioners, educators, representatives from accredited schools, representatives from national organizations supporting homeopathy and public members.  ACHENA was formerly known as the Council on Homeopathic Education.

The mission of ACHENA is to promote excellence in the education of professional homeopaths by:

  1. Establishing standards for the education of professional homeopathic practitioners
  2. Accrediting institutions and programs that prepare professional homeopathic practitioners
  3. Certifying continuing education for professional homeopaths
  4. Serving as a resource center that provides information about accreditation of homeopathy training programs
  5. Supporting administrators, educators and students in understanding the accreditation process

Core Principles of Accreditation

Community- Accepted Standards � Accredited schools meet widely accepted standards established by the field of homeopathy to ensure:

1. The curriculum is comprehensive and up to date

2. Faculty are well qualified

3. Student grading is fair and unbiased

4. Adequate resources are available to provide students a meaningful learning experience

 Self Study � Accreditation is not about creating cookie-cutter schools.  It provides the forum within which the school community engages in a process of self-study and self-evaluation to promote growth based on its own mission and principles.

Documentation of Policy and Procedure � Accredited schools have documented policies and procedures that ensure students, faculty and administrators fully understand the scope of their rights, responsibilities and how they will work together to promote excellence.

Peer Review � The peer review site visit provides schools seeking accreditation an opportunity to discuss their program with other experienced homeopathic educators and administrators of schools.  Accreditation reviews are conducted by knowledgeable individuals who are committed to supporting the growth of the school under review.

Accreditation is the standard for institutions of higher learning

Accreditation will promote self-regulation, not government regulation, of homeopathy.  Federal regulations related to accreditation simply ensure that schools have due process when seeking accreditation and federal student loan resources are used properly.  If you hold a Bachelor�s or Master�s degree, it is certain that the school you attended went through the process of accreditation.  Why should the education of a professional homeopath be any different?  

ACHENA needs the support of the entire Homeopathic Community: students, schools, organizations and consumers as we seek United States Department of Education recognition. USDE recognition will enable students of accredited schools to access federally backed student loans and student visas, as well as help raise the profile of homeopathy as a credible health care profession.

Please support homeopathy, support ACHENA!

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