This is a Public Disclosure Notice regarding to the withdrawn candidacy status of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy – Distance Learning North American Program (IACH). This action was effective August 24, 2021.

Commensurate with page 23 of the ACHENA Policy and Procedure Manual, it is ACHENA’s responsibility to inform the homeopathic community and the general public regarding school accreditation status, including the reasons for this action and a response from the school under consideration.

ACHENA has withdrawn IACH’s accreditation status for the following reasons:

  • IACH was informed via a Site Visit Report that to meet ACHENA accreditation standards, the school would need to: 1) make improvements in the structure of its clinical program, and 2) obtain legal authorization to offer educational programs in Arizona or some other state or province in North America. IACH was provided a clear pathway to meet ACHENA standards as well as sufficient time to do so;
  • IACH has not communicated with ACHENA with regards to meeting accreditation standards and did not follow the procedures for disagreement with an adverse accreditation decision. Rather, IACH threatened legal action against ACHENA;
  • IACH published on its website unapproved language regarding its accreditation status, which is a violation of ACHENA policy because it misrepresents to current and potential future students, and the larger community, IACH’s accreditation status;
  • After being informed that IACH should correct the misrepresentation of its status with ACHENA, it was observed that rather than correcting the unapproved language, IACH removed all reference to ACHENA accreditation status from its catalog and website;
  • IACH was afforded three opportunities to respond to these concerns and was offered the opportunity to voluntarily withdraw its application for accreditation, but has not responded;
  • IACH was informed that ACHENA cannot continue to work with a school that fails to respect policies and procedures for dealing with adverse accrediting decisions and fails to follow guidance regarding public disclosure of its accreditation status. Since receiving its site visit report, IACH has made no demonstrable progress toward meeting ACHENA accreditation standards, ceased communication with ACHENA, and did not respond to communication inquiring whether IACH would like to voluntarily withdraw its application for accreditation. As a result, ACHENA has been forced to withdraw IACH’s accreditation status.

Right of IACH to Provide a Response to Withdrawal of Their Candidacy

IACH was informed on August 24, 2021 that they would have an opportunity to respond to this action in writing and that their response would be included in this communication alongside ACHENA’s reasons for withdrawal. However, as of the September 15, 2021 deadline, IACH did not provide a response.